Thursday, 3 May 2018

Major Project - Final Playblast of Dynamic Chase Scene.


As my final flight scenes don't require the addition of my rotor scoping for it to look complete I have taken a playblast of what I considered to be the most challenging scene to pull off that serves as part of the finale. In my head I wanted a dynamic swooping chase shot of my spitfire flying past the Lego tower scene earlier in the film, can see my interpretation of this shot idea at 4:20 seconds in my Animatic. As you can see it was a very basic idea but in my head I had a very clear idea of what I wanted the scene to look like.

I had a strong idea of what I wanted the final outcome of the scene but knew it would require alot of tweaking to get there, first I made a rough version of my animation as can be seen Here, a big part of this scene for me was to make it look convincing, I didn't want the plane to be doing any maneuvers that were too impossible, to get a better three dimensional idea of how I was picturing it in my head I got out a model plane and puppeted the movements over and over in front of me so I could translate it easier.

I was happy with how this first run looked as a rough idea but something seemed quite off, I realized the plane wouldn't keep a consistent speed while pitching through the corners, so I slowed it down at the peak of rotation as it goes into the turn, to give it a look of it almost hanging. This may not be completely accurate to the speed consistency of the actual maneuver but I thought that by exaggerating the hang it would help sell the movements better to the audience. The keen eye can also spot that all the movements of the flaps are precisely matched to the planes pitching, rolling and yawing.

I also exteneded the final follow shot and gave the plane a fly out scene exit, I did this essentially to serve as a final glory shot of the plane before the end.

Finally I added the camera, I didn't want things to be too crazy but I added some slight shifts of angles, for example I matched the roll into first big left hand turn to make it feel almost like you're riding with it, and then the rest of the shot it meant to feel almost like you're on another plane that had gone around the otherside of the tower.

Overall I am very very happy with how this scene came out and look forward to the final render.

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