Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Mudbox - Prehistoric Tribal Shark Monster.

Built on this model.

Adaptation A - Rough Script Idea.

Now whether you're a expert or a beginner on our mountain homes away from home, one thing we can all agree on is that we're psyched to grab our boards or skis, get out there and shred!

But before you go running into the pow in your long johns and go pro, we're going to let you in on some of the unwritten laws of the mountain, so you don't look like a total Jerry!

Here are some examples of the Conventions of Snowboarding (and Skiing)

1. Don't Smash your board into other peoples in lines!

We all know that the lift cue can get a bit hectic, hell we've all got impatient with a slow talkative group before, but thats no reason to bump ugly and knock boards, treat your board right and she'll treat you back!

2. Get prepared to be slashed on your first week.

Like a classic hazing ritual an essential experience when first learning the ways of the piste is getting slashed while you're down. But what is getting slashed? Slashing is when the snow has a thick enough layer that you can really spray it in a wave when you turn, but it can be used to cover unsuspecting shredders in a chilly wave of indignity. But don't worry, it just means you're being embraced into the culture, plus they say its good luck!

3. Know How to Stop.

On the topic of slashing, anyone confident enough to perform this to another person should be confident in their ability to control their speed and perform controlled stops. You can laugh off being sprayed by snow but sliding into a stationary boarder trying to show off is a bad move, not cool. For beginners this is the first thing you should master, as it can really save your bacon on some of those sketchier features.

4. Don't sit in the middle of the Piste.

We get it, snowboarding is a load of fun but its a little more physically draining than your Sunday golf games, but when you want to take a load off please dont do it in the middle of a run, not only are you endangering yourself but also the other boarders. Either ride the run down until you reach a flat area where the runs split or find a safe place at the side of the piste.

5. Don't be a show off.

If you're out with your bros for the day or waiting to drop in at the park, and you see your fellow boarder try a trick and fail, dont immediately try that same trick if you know you can do it, this is poor form and makes you that guy. The exception of this is if you are trying to help your buddy learn to do the trick, which brings us to our next point.

6. Impart Wisdom to the younglings.

Just like our cave men ancestors, we are blessed with the ability to share what we've learned with others. Except instead of telling newbies how to hunt woolly mammoths we now teach the ways of the shred. If you see a boarder struggling with a trick, or you see something wrong with there technique, don't be afraid to tell them nicely! Not everyone's been on a plank since they could walk, maybe you know something they don't.

7. Wait your turn in the park.

Now you've got your grips with the piste maybe it's time to take your steez to a new level in the park. When you arrive though and notice the line of boarders sitting next to each other, they're not just shooting the breeze but waiting their turn to drop in, so join the line and the conversation. But if it seems they aren't moving you can always ask if they're next, maybe they're waiting for a friend or just watching.

8. Get out the way if you wipe out.

So you hit the terrain park, you thought you could handle the kicker but you ate it pretty badly, but you're okay, time to get yourself out the way of the landing zone, the person behind you wants a clear landing pad, and you really don't want a board to the head...

9. Share your water and snacks.

Youre on the lift with your buddy, and you crack open your rucksack to refuel on some liquid and candy bars to keep your energy up, your friend wasn't as wise as you and didn't even bring a bag. But on the mountains we look out for our nearest and dearest, so share your snacks and keep them hydrated! Don't make him suffer. And finally on the topic of friends...

10. There ARE Friends on Powder day!

Its here, you've waited all week, maybe even the month for the prophesied powder day, you went to bed early, made sure all your gear is dry so you can catch the first lift, and head out. But we've all heard that old saying "No friends on Powder day" But really, who goes boarding on their own, make sure all your pals are awake too, and go find the sweetest off piste spots together and shred some Pow! Plus with friends around you have people to back up your rad stories.

And thats it, hopefully you now have a new found understanding of some do's and donts of the mountains, and most importantly have fun out there!

Monday, 23 January 2017

@Alan @Phil Adaption B - Rough Visual Concept Ideas.

Initially my idea was focused around adapting Winter Sports into a Street Fighter type game but came to the conclusion that that idea was pretty Two Dimensional.

So I took apart the sport into its key factors and a recurring visual was the product placement found in extreme sports, promoting sports drinks and sport brands.

So my first Idea was to take that mind set of promoting extreme brands with extreme sports and replacing the sport with war.

This idea developed into the concept of a call of duty type game with completely over the top product placement aimed at the "Extreme Youth"

Here is a early proof of concept mock up I made.

Paying homage to extreme sportsmen.

My Second Idea was a world in which Super Heroes are endorsed by brands, and thus their suits resemble Liveries from classic Formula One cars that were endorsed by questionable company's so they could compete.

(see the Penthouse Mens Magazine car on the top right, featuring a woman holding a Rizzla rolling paper sign.)

I then made another rough mock from an image of the flash, based on the idea that he was sponsored by Red Bull, this design I roughly based on last seasons Formula One Livery.

The Final idea which comes full circle back to snowboarding was to adapt national conflict, a game (maybe animation?) idea set in a Dystopian Ice Age, instead of having war countries would compete against each other in various winter sports for control (think hunger games)

But these snowboarders would be endorsed predominantly by oil company's and cigarette brands (or a future parallel), one which kills the environment they need for their sport and the other damages athletes bodies.

These are my developed Idea's. Input would be great so I can finalise an idea and start development ASAP! 

Friday, 6 January 2017