Thursday, 23 March 2017

Brad's Inspirational Spotlight and Study: Gorillaz Extraordinary 360 Music Video!

Features 2D Animation in a 3D Environment, really interesting to watch the original with the fixed camera ( and then rewatch it when you can move the camera around.

As people who have an idea how to do this I think this is a really interesting industry inside look, you can work out how they did specific scenes and effects by just having a free camera!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Adaptation B - Who is (or was) the Fish-Man?

While drawing today I decided to take what I'd gotten so far and draw another concept sketch before I finalise the design, But while doing this I also wanted to show more of his character, I figured I would have some fun and asked myself what might someone who was once a human but has now forgotten their past life be like, what would they do, and how would they pretend to be and act human again?

I thought maybe a shade of his past life could be surfing, something he now does when no one else is watching as a guilty pleasure of a past life. So I drew this with the idea of catching him out of disguise late at night when no one is at the shore, wouldn't want to be the one who saw him though, probably disappeared after that.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Adaptation B - Fish-Man Henchman, First Concept Development.

 For this character I really think the Physique was the most important thing to nail down first, I wanted the Fish-Mans body to express his design ideals of a stealthy watcher, someone who creeps around and avoids conflict, but when cornered reveals how misleadingly menacing and large he can be when he isn't hunched forward.

Even though this character has a stronger flight than fight instinct, I still want him to be able to switch to a swift powerful pursuer, so when the time comes and the dark forces launch their attack, he will be ordered to eliminate those he has been watching.

I managed to get this design that I liked and will develop from here, I feel like he is sufficiently Creepy and Monstrous and still has a personality about him (albeit a dark one) I can flesh out more. And then I can also begin working on his disguise to blend into the modern Innsmouth.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Adaptation B - Character Influences and Tropes

Deuteragonist -Teacher/Original Team Leader/Resisted Corruption/Dark Past/Atoning/Previous Hero

 Protagonist - Student/Successor/Curious Mind/Corruptible/Dark Hero/Investigator

Secondary Antagonist - Henchman/Watcher/Spy/Unstoppable Force/Hidden in Plain Sight/Fake Human