Thursday, 30 March 2017

@Phil & Alan - First Portfolio


  1. Hey Brad - okay, my first thoughts are 1) is your portfolio meant to be 'about' something specific - i.e. a particular skill set or nuance? At the moment there is a sense that it's about everything you've done and you're proud of and it for me, it doesn't present you in a necessarily coherent way: for example, one way to clarify your message would be to make your portfolio about your skills re. modelling - so translation 2D production art into a commensurate 3D model. If this is the case, I'd only feature those pipelines in which you do this - and for your portfolio, I'd consider returning to some of your 3D models and ensuring they were polished and expressed via industry conventions - so turnaround and all the necessary passes etc. At the moment, your portfolio feels dissipated to me and lacks a clear statement of your intent. In terms of the internship itself, can the duties required of you help you edit your portfolio accordingly?

  2. Hi Brad - I think about 30 - 50% of this port folio could be taken out. It feels / read like you've gone 'all in' and added anything you're proud of. That's quite a common thing people do so its not a criticism its just important to know so you can start removing 'critically' or based upon a theme (eg what type of job you're going for) and develop the right port-folio 'flavour'. The other very important thing to remember is 'don't chronologically order your port-folio' - Put your best work first. It's unlikely they will look all the way through it and if they encounter something 'iffy' it will be closed. So...

    Once you've done all of that upload again and I'll take another look.