Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Adaptation B - Eyes and Expression - What is"Creepy"?

 After pursuing my own research after the feedback on my last designs I decided to redevelop his face and eyes slightly. I looked into what actually makes something creepy, and made two different versions of the design:
On the left you'll see one more closely resembling my old design but more refined, I realised the dark eyes really helped the look so I coloured the drawing this time, and on the right is a version with smaller, beadier eyes like a Chameleon.
Here is the old design for reference.

While looking into what I thought was creepy and eyes similar to what I'm going for I found these examples from nature that I thought were creepy in the same ways that I am going for.

Great White Shark

Moray Eel

Frill Shark

Bush Baby

Here are also two examples from a creative depiction of these type of eyes from the same film, Rango.

Finally I wanted to talk about expressions, I was kinda going for not so much of a hostile expression but more like creepy expressionless. The closest example I could find to this is from 2016's Shin Godzilla. Through its various forms this iteration of Godzilla never strictly shows an expression, just a creepy gaunt stare.

But in case I was to show more emotion with the design here is how it could be achieved with the larger eyes.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Adaption B - Head Inspiration and Biology. (IMPORTANT CHARACTER IDEOLOGY TOO)

With Nigel like any character his face is the most important part of his "Character", and with Nigel being someone who's role changes in his story, I had to design him to go from scary to endearingly creepy.

Something that comes to mind when i'm trying to describe this is the scene from "How To Train Your Dragon 2" where toothless has been brainwashed, he becomes legitimately creepy before going back to his normal self. So kinda like that but reversed.

So here are the influences I took for his head. I'm sure you can see where I mixed and matched parts for him. Specifically the spines and colours from the JP3 Velociraptors are a big influence for his hair and textures, and the overall headshape, eyes and jaw are Angler Fish based.

AND FINALLY. This video best shows the sort of character I best see him as, unstoppable stalking villain, to endearing creepy weirdo trying to reclaim some of his humanity.

Adaption B - Feedback Response and Finished Head Orthographs.

After receiving tons of helpful feedback the other day on my last post (which im super thankful for btw) I took what you had said plus what I liked and made four more final designs, in the end I combined the shape of number 6 with the fin design of numbers 2 and 3 and made one that I was happy with.
(Reference from the last post)

Here's the final version I made from there.

After that I layed on more of the details that were in the design so I could see how it would look. Then I moved onto the Orthographs.

My first sketch test.
The final sketch that I would end up drawing my final turnarounds from.




I have not included the hair like spines because I plan to do these more freestyle, but I have included the important parts to make the model almost complete.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Adaptation B - Fishman Head Fin/Sail Research and Feedback.

Before I finish the final design and Orthograph's I wanted to nail down what Nigel's head fin looks like. So below I've made some examples that were influenced by the images I have included below the drawings.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on what you like and why. But also if you think any combinations would work tell me! for example:

"Hey, try the fin shape of head number 1 with the fin design of image number 5."

This will all be incredibly helpful, thank you!

P.S. - Potentially I am designing this so it can fold down closer to his head and spring up when antagonised. Like a fan.