Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Adaptation B - Eyes and Expression - What is"Creepy"?

 After pursuing my own research after the feedback on my last designs I decided to redevelop his face and eyes slightly. I looked into what actually makes something creepy, and made two different versions of the design:
On the left you'll see one more closely resembling my old design but more refined, I realised the dark eyes really helped the look so I coloured the drawing this time, and on the right is a version with smaller, beadier eyes like a Chameleon.
Here is the old design for reference.

While looking into what I thought was creepy and eyes similar to what I'm going for I found these examples from nature that I thought were creepy in the same ways that I am going for.

Great White Shark

Moray Eel

Frill Shark

Bush Baby

Here are also two examples from a creative depiction of these type of eyes from the same film, Rango.

Finally I wanted to talk about expressions, I was kinda going for not so much of a hostile expression but more like creepy expressionless. The closest example I could find to this is from 2016's Shin Godzilla. Through its various forms this iteration of Godzilla never strictly shows an expression, just a creepy gaunt stare.

But in case I was to show more emotion with the design here is how it could be achieved with the larger eyes.

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