Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Narrative - Final Alien Models for 2D Rigging.

As the Aliens only appear in the girls day dream I have given them a child's crayon drawing style, and given them white background and outlines so it looks like they have been cut out of paper.

The Aliens were based of these original concepts.

Narrative - Real World Space Girl Design and Model.

For the final shot of the film where you see the girl outside of her day dream I had to design a version of her from the real world.

For this I made a sheet of idea's for her face, and then to be efficient with time I edited the original Space model accordingly.

And here is the model I made. Changes I made Include:

Turning her gloves into regular Winter Gloves
Changing her moon boots into Wellingtons
Adding Socks
Changing Head.

Her face will be textured by Hannah but I modelled a nose as it will make the face look less flat, I added colours as a texture reference.

Character - Final Face Redesign Process.

After going over with Justin how I can adapt my brush style into a cleaner pen style I can use I designed this near Final version of the Old King's face.

Here are the key designs that led to my final face. I'm hoping you can see the Development and how I ended up where I did.

Character - Old King Emotion Sheet and Revised Face Design.

Narrative - Deuteragonist Final Model.

Here is the final Model for the Space Boy.

Narrative - Final Protagonist Model.

From the Orthographs I have now made the final models for our short, all they need now is rigging and texturing.

Here was the first edition I made, nothing was really connected properly and there was alot of messy faces. I added rendered boot straps from the orthograph as I liked how they looked more in 3D.

Here is the final perfected version, everything is clean and connected, ready for rigging, though you may notice the boot straps I added are now missing again. They were being such a pain to adapt to the model that I made an executive decision that we would go with my original plan of adding them as a texture.

Narrative - Character Edits and Orthographs.

The original designs that I made for the two protagonists of our film were very well received! But a consistent comment I was getting was that they looked too old for their supposed age, so before making the Orthographs I sketched a quick idea of how I could make them look younger.

Original Design.

Proportionate Edit; Made Boots, Hands and Head bigger, giving a less slender build and implying a more youthful figure.