Wednesday, 26 October 2016

@Phil - Narrative - Character Design Progress (Re-upload)

(Disclaimer: This is a re-upload of a previous post as there appeared to be some kind of error loading the images.)

I feel like I've made good progress with the character designs for our film, and the consensus amongst the team is approval positive reactions to them so far.

Astronaut Girl.

First Thumbnails

Developed Thumbnails.

Near Final Concept

Colour Tests

Astronaut Boy


Near Final Concept

Colour Tests



Developed Thumbnails

Near Final Designs, Colour Tests.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Narrative - Prop Idea's

Playing around with idea's of what few props we have in the film, I was trying to think of fun alien versions of each of the Props featured in the story.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Justin's Character Class - Sci-Fi Mayan Warrior.

In class we were given the objective of drawing a character from an ancient culture in a Sci-Fi setting, I got the Mayan Warrior.

I decided to draw a sort of CyberPunk gang member from a dystopian future, who have moulded themselves around the Aztec aesthetic with whatever they can find.

For the weapon I had the idea of them making the iconic Mayan weapon, the Macuahuilt from scratch. Essentially the Macuahuilt was a wooden sword with obsidian blades running along its edge. making it a devastating weapon. I figured they could make their own version of the weapon with a baseball bat/cricket bat with shards of metal forged into it.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Justin's Character Class - Week 2, The Cyber Lich.

I was given the task of drawing a Supernatural Character, so I decided to draw a Lich.

Usually a Lich is someone who's spent their life gathering knowledge and eventually reached immortality but have become undead and skeletal, making it more of a cursed existence.

I decided to design my Lich with a CyberPunk twist, and imagined him as an anti hero who's travelling to find a cure for his curse.

Justin's Character Class - Week 1, Bank Manager Wonder Woman.

I was tasked with drawing a bank manager with Wonder Woman as influence.
First Drawing

I thought this first image just looked like Diana Prince as opposed to Wonder Woman, so I redrew her and tried to capture more of her character traits, like strength and assertiveness.

Second Drawing.