Thursday, 15 December 2016

Narrative - Proof of Concept Shot.

Really love how this came out.


  1. Well done Brad. Just a quick note for the future... Overall you are on the brink of stepping over in to a new category of studentship / work - this image and this project has proved that - but whats holding you back is a resistance to/ unawareness of becoming more professional (the crit presentation is a good example of that). Also, if you (the group) had reached this (good) point a little earlier we could have taken the work to the next level with a few quick tricks. The role of professionalism at this point in your degree is incredibly important and as I said this image demonstrates a crossroads - Will we see Brad 2.0 in the Adaptation Project?

    1. Thank you for the quick feedback Alan, yes I feel like this was the first time I have had a taste of achieving a positive outcome and project I have been proud of. And I would love to further prove what I can do so I will follow all future steps to transition into the 2.0 update!

    2. Also I am still working diligently on having my character project at the best level I can for tomorrow, as I have really enjoyed working on it and Justin's lessons have really been great. And I would further like to work on a character based project for the adaptation.