Monday, 3 April 2017

Adaption B - Feedback Response and Finished Head Orthographs.

After receiving tons of helpful feedback the other day on my last post (which im super thankful for btw) I took what you had said plus what I liked and made four more final designs, in the end I combined the shape of number 6 with the fin design of numbers 2 and 3 and made one that I was happy with.
(Reference from the last post)

Here's the final version I made from there.

After that I layed on more of the details that were in the design so I could see how it would look. Then I moved onto the Orthographs.

My first sketch test.
The final sketch that I would end up drawing my final turnarounds from.




I have not included the hair like spines because I plan to do these more freestyle, but I have included the important parts to make the model almost complete.

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