Monday, 13 March 2017

Adaptation B - Who is (or was) the Fish-Man?

While drawing today I decided to take what I'd gotten so far and draw another concept sketch before I finalise the design, But while doing this I also wanted to show more of his character, I figured I would have some fun and asked myself what might someone who was once a human but has now forgotten their past life be like, what would they do, and how would they pretend to be and act human again?

I thought maybe a shade of his past life could be surfing, something he now does when no one else is watching as a guilty pleasure of a past life. So I drew this with the idea of catching him out of disguise late at night when no one is at the shore, wouldn't want to be the one who saw him though, probably disappeared after that.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting character Brad. There is an argument that 'doodling / sketching' for fun can lead to bigger things. Instead of having a script and then design and then have a script. It's worth having a separate sketch book / pages which you let you mind wander.