Thursday, 3 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - OGR 1.0

Fantastic Ogr 1


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  2. OGR 04/03/2016

    Hi Brad - you're leaving me to fill in the blanks rather in terms of your actual concept for communicating the nuts and bolts of the immune system. I'm assuming from your design sheets, that you're going to recast the body's defence as a kind of fleet of different ships with corresponding functionalities that take on enemy invaders? If so, I think this could work very well indeed, and I'm liking your thumbnails so far - nice and dynamic.

    In terms of ensuring that your audience understands all the mapping (i.e. how the metaphors align with the actual bioscientic data), you'll need to find a dynamic means of getting that (text?) info on screen, and one way would be to create sort of 'punch outs' - so as the various ships swing into action, we have a freeze-frame moment, at which point all the ship's specifications are annotated on screen for our benefit.

    The moment I saw your OGR I kept thinking about the opening credits to a cartoon series that was on TV when I was a nipper; guys of my generation will routinely tell you that this is indeed the coolest signature tune for a cartoon show ever: Battle Of The Planets:

    I think it's because of the way that the show is all about a team of different characters who come together to fight evil - rather like the immune system. Indeed, if you look at a lot of the opening credits to 80s cartoons, you'll see that they're showcasing each character's functionality in a condensed way (and always to a wonderful 80s signature tune!):

    I'm just wondering - in terms of a framing device - if you might treat your 'team of vehicles' in the same way - your animation coming off like the opening credits to some great Saturday morning cartoon?

    Anyway, not having too much info on your actual intentions, I can say that I think your vehicular-take on this project has bags of potential - but you'll need to think about nicely integrated ways to get the actual content across to the audience. I look forward to a bit more clarification on here soon.

    1. Thank you Phil ! This was just the Feedback I needed ! You addressed all of my concerns and I know feel I have more direction to take my project, feeling motivated !

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  4. Also I am 100% for an 80s saturday morning cartoon homage themed animation, I literally don't think I could be more hyped to make something like this.