Thursday, 10 March 2016

@phil Fantastic Voyage - After Effect's Intro Test 01 (Proof of Concept) - FIXED

Im planning to open my film with one or two quick title animations like the ones you got on VHS' back in the later 80's/early 90's .I did a quick test to see what tools there were to replicate the look and effects, and made a quick test animation, with more research and planning I think it will set the tone well on the final film.

(note, Gnar Platinum is the fiction production studio I normally use, I couldn't change the text after I applied the effects though so It had to stay for the test)


  1. Hi Brad,
    Is there supposed to be some animated content here? I can't see anything... :(

  2. Likewise! I was hoping for some 80s high-jinx!

  3. FIXED. Accident my chopped off a part of the embed URL!