Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Macrophage Battle Cruiser - Developed Ideas.

Have been working on making my Macrophage Ship more defined and identifiable, been playing around with the idea of having it as a slimmer ship, but still needed to take into account that it need to be armed with Cannons, and to make it look big, because some drawings just looked like fighters, so I need to convey that through bulk, and lack of streamlining as its not really important on a large ship.

For inspiration I have looked at WW2 Bombers like the B-17 and Lancaster, and more so Naval Battleships.


B-17 (Flying Fortress)

The USS Missouri


  1. I think you could go a lot more "out there" with the battlecruiser's inspirations. Here's an article that once intrigued me back when I did Fantastic Voyage:

    It's not the same direction you're going but these designs were inspired by animals - lobsters and butterflies. Maybe try moving away from ships and planes for inspiration and look for something more abstract. They say Midgar from FFVII was inspired by a pizza and the Millennium Falcon got its final design from a burger.

    1. The style of my animation is based on classic American, square Sci-Fi ships, my film is infact a hommage to 80s Sci-Fi cartoons, but thanks, ill look at those for the alien ship.