Monday, 23 January 2017

@Alan @Phil Adaption B - Rough Visual Concept Ideas.

Initially my idea was focused around adapting Winter Sports into a Street Fighter type game but came to the conclusion that that idea was pretty Two Dimensional.

So I took apart the sport into its key factors and a recurring visual was the product placement found in extreme sports, promoting sports drinks and sport brands.

So my first Idea was to take that mind set of promoting extreme brands with extreme sports and replacing the sport with war.

This idea developed into the concept of a call of duty type game with completely over the top product placement aimed at the "Extreme Youth"

Here is a early proof of concept mock up I made.

Paying homage to extreme sportsmen.

My Second Idea was a world in which Super Heroes are endorsed by brands, and thus their suits resemble Liveries from classic Formula One cars that were endorsed by questionable company's so they could compete.

(see the Penthouse Mens Magazine car on the top right, featuring a woman holding a Rizzla rolling paper sign.)

I then made another rough mock from an image of the flash, based on the idea that he was sponsored by Red Bull, this design I roughly based on last seasons Formula One Livery.

The Final idea which comes full circle back to snowboarding was to adapt national conflict, a game (maybe animation?) idea set in a Dystopian Ice Age, instead of having war countries would compete against each other in various winter sports for control (think hunger games)

But these snowboarders would be endorsed predominantly by oil company's and cigarette brands (or a future parallel), one which kills the environment they need for their sport and the other damages athletes bodies.

These are my developed Idea's. Input would be great so I can finalise an idea and start development ASAP! 

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