Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Major Project - Concept Art 1 and Scene Idea Proposal.

I've been brainstorming idea's for the visuals of my animation today to go along with the narration based documentary story. A theme that I feel is a rather large part of my story is the idea of evidence of improvement, the fact that I was able to learn how to be more careful at making Airfix kits over the years to the point I am at now where I am happy with the end result.

But something dawned on me which is something that I always used to do with anything art related and only recently stopped doing. I had always removed old art or put away things I had made in the past that I was no longer happy with compared to my work today, I realized over the last couple of years from artists online and my other course mates example that you should never really dismiss your old works, and just embrace it as part of your process of improvement.

So I figured that a good way to show this was with a final dog fight style chase through the scenery set up throughout the animation. My "Avatar" (the main character that essentially represents me) see's the first Airfix plane that I ever made (which I talk about at the start that after a while I hid away because I no longer was happy with it) flying overhead, so he goes about trying to shoot it down in the perfected modern plane I had built, trying to literally shoot down my previous work example. Towards the end I though as he's getting a pretty clear shot he notices something along the lines of the pilot of the old plane being a younger version of the Avatar character, to show that you should never look at the things you made in the past in a negative light, and just accept its all part of the process of getting better at something, ending with both planes coming into land and then hard cutting to the real world versions of both planes being placed on a display shelf, thus the last shot of the film.

So I tried to visualize this scene as best I could with a first draft of concept art as I had the best imagery in my head of how I wanted this scene to look.

Please feel free to leave feedback on my climax idea and my concept art!

The new plane (left) chases down the old unfinished plane (right) around the Lego tower that features earlier on a sky that includes the pattern of my cutting mat.

First sketch.

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