Friday, 10 November 2017

Major Project - Airfix Spitfire Time-Lapse

My project is based on my experiences through life building Airfix kits and how the process helped me develop into a more careful person and become overall less haphazard. The style of my film will be that of a documentary, so to help myself fully understand my entire process of how I build a kit from scratch today I decided to film myself building a kit from scratch over a Time-Lapse.

I did this so I can observe the different stages the kit goes through leading up to its finish, essentially serving as the most in depth resource for research I could have. With this I can reference the stages for my animation and my digital modelling 

Also as all the raw footage is at 1080p some of the clips may be useful for the final film or test animatics, to add a sense of real world evidence to the story.

You'll notice in the video that I didn't add any weathering details of panel lining after I had finished painting the model, this was due to me wanting the video out as soon as possible, and I know that I focus on small details for far too long so I would be stuck getting something that doesn't change the overall model looking perfect for a long time.

Music: End Titles (Dunkirk) - Dunkirk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


  1. Hey Brad :) Really nice to see your modelling footage - I can really see how it might exist in your 'memory space' world - how it might be projected onto surfaces or similar... sorry, no Maya advice from me obviously, but I realise I did talk about leaving you some further examples re. that sort of 'continuous transition' structure for your film - I can't find the Plympton example I was banging on about, but I did remember this one!