Monday, 1 May 2017

Adaption B - Updated Visual Inspiration and Reference Guide. (WARNING, GRAPHIC IMAGES)

As I sculpted the body, and started striving for more detail and accuracy, I started adding more Visual Inspiration to my quiver to refer to while sculpting, I will list what I commonly referred to and what they inspired the most.

All helped to make this:

 Design choices I kept in mind was that this was essentially a human optimised for swimming, thus I gave him.

Strong Chest Muscles for Powerful Swimming
Long Arms for Pulling through the Water
Long Legs with Large Thigh Muscles for Kicking the Water
Flipper Like Feet.

Hanzo's stylised muscles, Overwatch - Used to help describe the mix of stylised, minimal but detailed character design.

Michael Phelps, most successful swimmer of all time - Used to reference the shoulder and arm muscles, also helped with the abdomen.

H.R. Gigers Alien - Inspired some of the more sharp and alien features of the design, predominantly the waist and chest and hands.

Christopher Bale, The Machinist - Neck and Collar Bones.

Emaciated Individuals - Ribs and Collar Bones.

Another Emaciated Individual - Used for Pelvis Reference to capture a boney anatomy.

Frogs - Legs and Feet.

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