Monday, 1 May 2017

Adaption B - A Bitter Pill, But a Promising Future.

Something that I really wanted to achieve for this project, was as a surprise to have two different versions of my model to show. In my story Nigel takes on the disguise of a human during the days, and works at jobs around the town of Innsmouth, trying to blend in. The idea I had was that, the protagonist see's through the disguises, because they are in fact terrible, but everyone else just doesn't see it, they're all sold that he's just this guy, similar to how Count Olaf is only recognised by the Baudelaire Children when he is incognito.

SO. My idea for the project was to model both version of Nigel, one as he appears naturally, and one is disguise, but as I worked away on the body of Nigel I realised something. I could either do two things, have one very detailed and polished model, or two that were less professional. I decided the former was the better idea in the end.

But before I came to this conclusion I had already made concept drawings of his outfits and Jobs for the potential clothed orthographs, so here are... Nigel's Human Outfits!

I played around with a few ideas here, like one being that he dresses as a scuba diver with his feet exposed, because they look like flippers anyway. But the one I ended up liking the most was the idea that he actually works as the trusty Janitor of the school the protagonist works at, pushing the theory that hes under orders to watch her. Also I loved the thought of giving him Crocs, surely someone who prefers the wet would like plastic shoes that let in water more than boots, all practically and no fashion sense, and a little bit fun.

It's sad that I don't get to model this version of the character now, but the bright side is that if I decide to continue working on this Universe in third year, I already have these designs to potentially use.

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