Friday, 5 May 2017

Adaption B - Feet and Hands, Finished Body Model.

(Note to self, give all future characters shoes)

Finished modelling the hands and feet, both ended up being a little more complicated than I expected due to being slightly unconventional, but I'm happy with how they both came out and they fit the rest of the body.

I think I captured the anatomy of the human foot well enough while still keeping to my originally design of a flipper foot.

Looking back I wish I had done the hands first, because of the large toes on this model they're more like fingers, so having the hand design fresher in my mind would have been useful. But the UV is pretty clean and I'm happy with how it came out.

I also updated the knees and calves to be a little sharper with more detail. I also pulled the lower half of the legs forward a little to make rigging a little easier,

And here are the hands.

Essentially pretty basic hands that I made longer, webbed and boney, I decided not to web the thumb as it would make holding basic objects more difficult,


  1. Hi Brad. Those feet and hands need knuckles and joints. The feet in particular is missing those. Think about how bones work, what knuckles / joints look like, and use your own hand for reference. Also, look from all angles at the model, for example in the top down render your feet has 'straight sticks' for toes.

  2. Hi Brad, when it comes to webbing, ask Alan. I had to do webbed hands and feet for my project and Alan was an immense help in making them look and feel right.

    Might also be beneficial to give maybe a touch more bulk to the fingertips, if you feel your finger there's padding where your fingerprints are, it's not straight bone. Same for the toes.