Thursday, 25 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Introduction!

For this new project, we have been tasked with animating a process that occurs at a microscopic level, the cycles of cells. We have been given four scenario's to work with, those being:

1. The Zika Virus Infecting Cells
2. A HIV Infection
3. How The Immune System Works
4. How Bacteria Grow Resistance to Antibiotics

Of these four scenarios I have done extensive research, to better understand each of the processes. I have looked at them all from a technical, and artistic standpoint, taking into account overall interest in the process, how this can be represented visually in a creative way, and the potential to form a coherent narrative and story, with a beginning middle and end.

Bellow I have some brief notes of each process, taken from the project briefing and personal research.

After proceeding with my research and feeling like I have a suitable understanding of each cycle, I made the decision of which I wanted to start working into creatively.

I have decided to start work on the Immune System process. This is due to a initial idea I had when first hearing of the process from Dr. Klappa. The way certain processes occur, which I will go into in a separate post, sparked a focal point for a narrative, and something to work to set a foundation with to start work on developing the rest of the story.

A dedicated Immune System post will be uploaded next, where I go into the findings of my research, the process itself, some sketches, and a plot idea, including inspiration for my visual style and presentation.

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