Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Script to Screen - Egor (Landlord) Final Design and Colours.

Here is my final design for Egor, and the three colour pallets I made, from the start I had a clear idea of how I waned Egor to look, and a part of that was ex militaristic, I feel that I have accomplished this through his design and a way I have achieved this is with his colour's.

The three designs I made are based on the colour's of different divisions in a military faction. From left to right being Naval, Infantry, and an Officer. The design I am going to use is 2, the Infantry design, I like how it came together and I think the Black Military Boots really enforce the ex military vibe. I was also trying to get it across the Russian nationality besides the name, so I worked on his features and looked at famous Russians from history to shape his face more, also his eye colour and complexion.The badge on his workshop apron also can drive this idea home too, but this may be too direct, so may just bare a more subtle image.

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