Thursday, 28 September 2017

Major Project Idea's

Here are the three primary idea's that I have thought of to develop into a year long project.

All of these idea's will include a rough synopsis, title, and what I would hope to develop.

IDEA 1: The Impractical's/Zero

Initially this idea started as a short film about super heroes, but not just your run of the mill, save the world types, these super powered humans are The Impracticals. Essentially the idea was that all of the characters would be parody's of different hero tropes from comics, but instead of them being accepted into society, all these heroes powers would actually make them more of a detriment. For example one hero idea I had was Captain Kaiju, a Japanese business man who was imbued with the power to turn into a giant godzilla-esque monster at will (tribute to Bruce Banner/The Hulk) but because the monster is so big, just transforming would cause incredible collateral damage. Another idea was a Superman origin hero, but instead of conveniently looking like an handsome human, he looks more realistically like a monstrous alien (think the Predator)

So this idea for the film was originally going to be all these characters being interviewed in a 60's style Area 51 manner, featuring small clips of each of there escapades.

This idea also spun off into a animation about a world where Superpowers human's have been outlawed, and if you develop them you're sent away. So when an average man riding going through his day, starts to develop a power, he tries his best to hide and understand what he is a capable of, and the responsibility of having it.

IDEA 2: RetroFit.

So far this is my favourite project idea, as this would mainly focus on me designing a triple A character and vehicle design, as I want to specialize in modelling and character design in software such as Mudbox and Zbrush.

The idea I have for this project is that of a post apocalyptic world made of scrap, but featuring hints of sci fi tech that may have put the world into the state it is now, the main character is an engineer and survivor, trying to find away out of the dangerous wasteland. Her daily routine consists of scavenging for parts and old world tech, and then taking it back to her workshop to fix her project all while avoiding bandits. The idea I have for this is a World War 2 fighter plane, that has been repaired with scrap metal and odd parts, but featuring the old world technology to power it, so they'll be a nice contrast of the old, the scrap and the very new. 

 I was thinking that in this project I'd end up with a character with a vehicle that fits her personality and becomes part of her character, examples of this idea are vehicles like the Blue's Mobile from Blue's Brothers, The Interceptor from Mad Max, and Ripleys Mech from the end of Aliens.


I would still like to animate the character though, so I was thinking I could animate some small proof of concept sizzle reel animations that could show off her personality, like these short animated intro's from the game Overwatch:

I would also still like to tell a this character's story, I thought a fun way of doing this could be through an interactive motion comic, that I could also print off and display.

IDEA 3: Dungeon Crawling

I like the idea of the scrap world aesthetic so I developed another idea utilizing this style, but this is a world where society collapsed and all technology has seemingly disappeared. But in a world with no technology, what are the youth of the future meant to do for fun?

This is an idea for short film, I came up with this story last year, but over that time I started to fall more towards 3D modelling than animation, and was advised that I might be better suited to focus on the former than the latter, but I still like this story so I felt I should include it.

A group of kids are bored and restless, so their Grandfather sends them on a quest to find a relic of the old world to entertain them. On this quest they fight a pots and pans robot, and scare off a bear, but not without realizing they are being followed by a something. At the end of this relatively safe adventure they run into some real bandits, the kids, thinking they can take them on but are clearly out matched are saved by a mysterious cloaked sage, who defeats the bandits and then retreats before the children can thank him. They finally reach the end of their quests and find the board game Dungeons and Dragons and head back home.

They tell their grandfather about the adventure and start playing the game, but realise that it was actually more fun exploring the world than sitting around. It is a this point the audience see's parts of the pots and pans robot and the cloak from earlier, implying that the old man had set up the entire adventure like a Dungeon Master and was watching over them the whole time.

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  1. Hey Brad, I really liked the 'Impractical' hero idea, it reminds me a lot of the opening sequence of 'The Incredibles' that shows past interviews with the cast, something you want to check out if you haven't looked at it already for reference!

    'The Retrofit' idea seems to have huge Star Wars influences wrapped up in it! it might be fairly difficult for that to not come across as a kind of re-vamp of the female lead in the most recent film, although your mix of past and future tech could make for some really cool character design!

    The third idea sounds like it could make a very interesting short with lots of opportunities to design environments, characters and props as its only limit is essentially the imagination of the characters.

    I think each idea lends itself to a different area of the industry and could give you a chance to showcase what you most want to do in the future :)