Friday, 3 February 2017

Brad's Inspirational Spotlight and Study: Blizzard's Overwatch, Zbrush Models and Short Films.

I recently saw a blog post by Blizzard HQ about the release of rendered models from their last game Overwatch, and as a big fan of the game I was excited to see.

I like Overwatch not only due to its fun and competitive multiplayer, but its style. The art style that Bilzzard chose is a both stylised and highly appealing, blending highly detailed models with a more simple style.

As someone who has recently discovered Mudbox and Zbrush and is interested in perusing and increasing my skills more in this type of design I found this post very Insightful and Inspiring. 

So here our some of my favourite examples they had to show, but the full post can be found here:

And here our some of these models in action.

Outside the game they are even able to make shore films to show the games Universe and Narrative, in a BlizzCon interview the film animators gave they mentioned that the models they use for the Films need to be different than the ingame models, due to one not transitioning well enough to the other. Changes included more realistic hair and more detailed textures. I will need to look into the differences between game models and film models more often.

Here is one of my favourite shorts "Dragons" featuring the characters Hanzo and Genji whom can be found in the images above in their game form.

And finally here is a short Making Of film they published.


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