Monday, 20 February 2017

Critical Perspectives - Proposal OGR

Man by BradKompany on Scribd

"Cone of Cogency"


  1. You have some missing primary reading that is affecting our understanding of this subject.
    You do need to start with Gaze Theory and its relationship to female objectification but as a counterpoint in art history the male nude has always had dual connotations particularly in renaissance painting and sculpture and classical Greek sculpture- you need to start with this as a theme before moving onto more contemporary evolution of Gaze Theory and how this relates particularly to advertising/film and photography.
    John Berger Ways of Seeing is a fundamental missing text.
    Missing then also is reading on film history and theory. Start with something like How to read a Film by James Monaco.
    Look at the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, studied in the book On Photography by Graham Clarke- consider the film Fight Club- this is seminally postmodern in the way that it represents men- not as objects or stereotypes and is actually critique of these issues..
    This is what’s missing- critical exploration and debate around the subject towards an end point and a clear conclusion with good fundamental theoretical understanding and better structure though chapters.


  3. Chapter 1: The Hidden Male Gaze - The Male Body In The Visual Arts
    Chapter 2: Judith Butler/ Foucault (about sexuality/gender/non-binaried): Queer Theory - Masculinity as a construction.
    Chapter 3 - Had a movie timeline encompassing social and cultural change (so from hidden to 'in plain sight'?).