Tuesday, 1 December 2015

What If Metropolis - Blue House, Final Texture's Sheet

After the feedback from my OGR about looking into the overall "Harper-ness" of my world, by thinking more about what the texture's would be of the world, instead of just plain block colour's. I have been working extensively of trying to find the perfect balance of art, that keeps in the original design scheme, without going too over the top. And after a final positive session with Jordan some final idea's were forged.

To begin, I made some custom Brushed in Photoshop, that would give a canvas effect to anything I painted, which was particularly helpful starting point considering nearly all of Harper's art has a similar texture.

For the main house, because I didn't want it to be too over designed, as large over complex designs seemed a bit much for a suburban lifestyle. So I looked into the work he mad eon fabric design's, and found a nice, simple, geometric design. I recreated the design's, and spaced them out a little more.

And for the (beak shaped) Garage, the small squares gave a minimal, yet tile like effect, that I thought fitted in, but still contrasted the other enough to stand out.

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