Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Star Wars - iPad Pro Test - Storm Trooper Tribute

It's always so nice when your faith is restored in something you love, this time being the first promising part of a new Star Wars trilogy, when they announced Episode VII I was skeptical, but the hype slowly got to me, and I wasn't disappointing. I thought it was a very promising start to the new trilogy, if not relying off Episode IV nostalgia a little, I still enjoyed it very much.

I also very much like the New Order Storm Trooper design, I always liked storm troopers, they always got the short end of the stick in my opinion and never really get a purpose besides cannon fodder. That is why I greatly enjoyed the scene where the Trooper (dubbed TR-8R) engaged Finn in a CQC battle, and actually defeated the light-saber wielding protagonist before being gunned down, finally a trooper doing something badass, RIP you glorious bastard.

But also yeah I got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil as a gift this Christmas, And have been playing around with its artistic functions and testing what will work best for my creative need's, I am very much enjoying it so far and looking forward to the increase in production it will help me achieve. As a quick test of its replication of pencil sketching, I decided to life draw a Trooper's helmet from a figure my brother received (which I may have stolen). 

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