Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Major Project - Potential Implementation of a Normal Map to the Spitfire.

After I had rendered my Spitfire and got a look at the near final product I was very happy with how it looked, but I decided that I could potentially make it look even better by adding another level of detail that could really take it up a notch by adding a layer of normal maps for the panel lines of the Spitfire.

After a recommendation from fellow student Ian Garling we decided that the best way to achieve this simple effect would be to use the Photoshop plug-in NormalX.

As you can see here I have a version of the wing that includes the panel line details from my real world air fix model, I think the method I used to get the normal maps really suited the simplicity of the required lines and rivets, although I have found some issues after implementing the maps.

As you can see in this picture I have highlighted areas where the seams of the UV map have become visible due to the implementation of the map, this may be easily fixed or it might just be the way I mapped the model.

At this point I am able to produce normal maps for the model at a fairly rapid rate thanks to Photoshop so I will have to experiment with it.

But what do you all think? Do you prefer the design with the addition of more detail, or the cleaner un-paneled design from before? (See below)


  1. Hey Brad, I'd say that the design with more detail is good, it looks factory fresh, would a bit of subtle rust and tearing make it look more realisitc?

    1. Yeah man I'm liking it too honestly, I just need to work out the issue with the UV seams. In terms of weathering detail like rush or paint chipping i'm currently experimenting with Substance Painter. But something i'm trying to keep in mind is that this is mean't to look more like a plastic model spitfire than an actual flight used one. So I have to find the balance between looking like a detailed model and a real plane.