Monday, 19 September 2016

@Phil - Group Project, Logo Design.

After we decided on the name of our group, I set about designing the logo, I went through many iterations and the team and I bounced around many idea's and gave feedback on changes, until eventually we got the final design.

Started of with simple Ideas.

"Looks too much like the fantastic 4 logo"

The compass design had been done many times before.

I was trying to find different ways I could include the 4 D's, maybe a playing card ?

I eventually tried this skull in profile, but couldn't think of a way to make it relevant,
so I tried drawing it from the front.

The idea we liked was that we made the 4 D's the teeth of the skull.

Here was the final rough version of the Logo. Now we go digital.

The four final thumbnails.

Final Designs.

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  1. good stuff, though I do like the blue/red version too - it's quite iconic.