Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What If Metropolis - OGR, 18/11/2015

What If 2.pdf by BradKompany

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  1. OGR 19/11/15

    Morning Brad,

    I like very much the conceptualisation of 'Harper Town' as a sort of Levitown; a few observations for your consideration then:

    Colourwise, I think everything here is too grey; Harper's colours are jewel-like and clean and crisp, and certainly I reckon a Harper-style car would not be as funereal as the grey number in the drive. I suggest too that you extend the 'Harper-ness' to everything - so include the tree in this respect; imagine you've applied a Harper filter over this entire world, so that all of its components come into line with Harper's world-view. I suspect Harper would be as fascinated by the tidying effect of topiary! In terms of scale, look at those picket-fences (in real terms, the one in the background is too big).

    I suggest you could do more with your matte painting; were you imagine that we're in the outlying suburbs of Harpersville, perhaps the view we have is of the distant city itself - so structures more distinctive, more 'Manhattan' - at the moment, the suggestion of shapes evoke natural forms (mountains) as opposed to architecture, and in terms of design, I think this is a missed opportunity.

    In terms of the surfaces of your elements - driveways, stucco, rendering, tiles - I think you investigate ways of installing a bit more Harper into your structures as embossed/tiled/paved decoration: consider:

    and now consider:

    I think there's an opportunity to express Harper's obvious interest in surface pattern as a means of bringing further interest to your architectural elements.

    In general terms, a positive OGR; in summary, address the drabness of your world in relation to your artist, think about the role of the matte painting in terms of telling us more about this world, and consider how you might reflect Harper's fascination with pattern in terms of enriching some of your surfaces, and consider too bringing everything in line with Harper's aesthetic - including the non-architectural elements (trees/clouds etc).