Sunday, 18 October 2015

Developed Thumbnail of Interior for Final Concept

I came across a thumbnail that I really liked, so I have developed it to a point where I can star working over it for the final concept piece for Friday.

This is where the men of Anastasia work, while the women on the surface enjoy a life of luxury the men work in the mines, gathering gems and crystals, almost like slaves. I've tried to show this through he dismal conditions that the men work in, and the long lines of them you can see going about their work.

You can see the expanse of tunnels, dirt mounds, and caverns expanding onto the distance, where the mine car tracks run like vines through the canopy of a jungle along the roof off the cave, being held to the top rather than supported from the bottom. You can also see where the Miners have hung long ropes with lanterns off the rail tracks, to try and give themselves more light in the dark, now becoming almost haunting though in there hanging presence.

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