Thursday, 15 October 2015

CG Artists Toolbox: Digital Painting, Abstract Exercises and Structures.

Here we were testing the tools of Maya to see what different shapes and thumbnail Idea's we could come up with, Using the Brush Tool, and the Lasso Tool, to see what small art pieces we could make with them.

Jordan also had as make different Renders of structures in Photoshop, so that once we could also use these in the production of thumbnails, he taught us this so that we can use this method as a quick way to produce urban thumbnails quickly.

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  1. A veritable flurry of updates - that's positive, but you need to blog in a more timely way - in order to ensure your blog as a 'heartbeat' that doesn't die off for prolonged periods - just keep a daily rhythm going.

    Also - would you consider reverting your blog to something less 'over-engineered'? A few of us tutors find your particular blog set-up off-putting because it tucks everything away, as opposed to be experienced as something linear and straight forward; a classic, less-showy template would improve everyone's experience of the work you're uploading - and just in a basic professional/online sense, I'd like to see an end to your ever-present biog in which you're half-man, half-fish and a 'bastard'. I'm hugely encouraged by the signs of life on this blog, but put bluntly, your template is driving this visitor nuts!