Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Digital Painting: Term 1, Week 1.

In our first digital painting session of the year, Jordan had us attempt to recreate a set of two images using a brush pack he had supplied to us before hand, the first image being black and white, the second colour, it did not matter whether we used the same photo twice, but for ease of comparison I chose to do this.

The first image is the black and white piece.
I was mainly focusing on trying to get the basic shapes right here, and ended not being able to fully shade and detail the fruit, Jordan said next time I should work faster and use more broader strokes and shading.

The second image; Colour.
Using Jordan's advice, I believe this piece came out alot better than the first, as I was able to capture much more information in the same time as I did on the first attempt, though at the loss crisp edges was something I need to work on, and my shading and digital painting in general for that matter.


  1. Hey brad How you got some thumbnails

    1. As soon as I find my new wacom pen arrives buddy x_x